05 March 2002

Back to the Future

The observant reader will note the date posted here and following is from 2002. That is not a typo. Rather, I started this blog in 2002 and am just now returning to it. In the meantime, boy, has the technology moved forward!

I've tried running our church website using Microsoft Frontpage and it has been a disaster. Thankfully, I "rediscovered" the blogger publishing tool and after spending a few days with it I am amazed at the simplicity it offers. For instance, I am now able to publish directly to this blog via my google email account. My email interface becomes my blogger interface. Type it in like and email, address it to my blog, click "send" and there it appears on my blog. Great stuff! And get this, the Picassa software I've been using also has a button to publish my photos to my blog. Wonderfully simple.

Perhaps this fluidity is due to the fact that Google has bought all these businesses and incorporated them into a seamless service. Whatever one thinks about Google, and they are coming under increasing fire these days from all sides, they have made something simple out of something that was once hard to do. And for that, I am grateful.

Enough ranting about how this blog stuff works. Check out the posts below for a trip back in time to 2002 when I was just experimenting with blogging and when it was not nearly so easy to do as it is now.


I'm posting this from the library at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary where I've been participating in the Festival of Theology for continuing education. Tonight was the Moderator's Dinner and I heard Dr. Jack Rogers give an upbeat analysis of the state of the union in our denomination. Today I toured Highland Heights Presbyterian Church and Central Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Center which is our denomination's headquarters. Louisville is a strong Presbyterian city. This has been a refreshing experience. Tomorrow I will drive home to Bateville with my colleagues Dr. Frank Brooks and Dr. Milton Winters.