12 April 2007

Acceleration Studies Foundation slide shows

Here are some excellent slide shows that will engage your mind and imagination. They are selected PowerPoint presentations by Accelerating Studies Foundation president John Smart. More may be found at his personal site.

If you don't have Microsoft's Powerpoint software I suggest you download the free Open Office Suite. It can display and save documents in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc., as well as it's own, often superior, formats.

Here are some titles to some of the many slide shows found here:
  • Adapting to the Future (249 slides, 19MB) Slides component of a daylong workshop with NASIC staff on guiding accelerating change for strategic advantage. May 2006
  • Stanford Singularity Summit: Searching for the Big Picture (90 slides, 8MB) A three part framework for understanding and guiding accelerating change. Apr 2006
  • POST Command College: Accelerating Change, Foresight and Evo Devo (153 slides, 9MB) Assumptions, models, studies, skillsets, domains, and systems relevant to accelerating change. Jan 2006
  • Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 14: Accelerating Change Toolkit (147 slides, 6MB) Assumptions, processes, studies, skillsets, domains, trends, and scenarios in accelerating change. For physician-innovators. Nov 2005
  • Tamkang University: How to be a Strategic Futurist (169 slides, 6MB) An integral approach to predicting, managing, and creating our accelerating future. For futurists.

ASF: Slide Presentations

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