29 December 2007

Where there is nothing ... there is God!

I was forgetting, we cannot destroy the world (that is, our commitment to he material) with armies, it is inside our minds that it must be destroyed, it must be consumed in a moment inside our minds. God will accomplish his last judgment, first in one man's mind and then in another. He is always planning last judgments. And yet it takes a long time.

I was mistaken when I set out to destroy Church and Law. The battle we have to fight is fought out in our own mind. There is a fiery moment, perhaps once in a lifetime, and in that moment we see the only thing that matters. It is in that moment the great battles are lost and won, for in that moment we are a part of the host of Heaven ... [W]e shall not come to that joy, that battle, till we have put out the senses, everything that can be seen and handled, as I put out this candle. . . . We must put out the whole world as I put out this candle. . . . We must put out the light of the stars and the light of the sun and the light of the moon . . . till we have brought everything to nothing once again. I saw in a broken vision, but now all is clear to me. Where there is nothing, where there is nothing -- there is God! (W. B. Yeats, Where There is Nothing).

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  1. You have an eccentric view, but it was interesting.

    L'Shalom, Yehudi