11 January 2012

JOURNAL: The night the music died

"It's funny how one insect 
can damage so much grain ... 
Can't you come out to play 
in your empty garden, 

Where were you the night John Lennon died? I was with a college friend in Jackson, Mississippi. We were shocked. Drove to Smith Park in Belhaven in his red Beetle convertible. People were there. Sitting in circles with candles. It was a surreal scene. We sat there on the ground with the others in silence. I was impressed people knew and cared. I remember a dull feeling of loss. I remember wondering why he was killed and felt angry anyone had the nerve to do it. Another one bites the dust. Yes, I know each person is unique in her own way. But this was someone special. Famous. Beatle. Imagine. 

"And we are so amazed.
We're crippled and we're dazed. 
A gardener like that one 
no one can replace."