03 April 2012

An April Fools Day Dilemma:
Two Kings, Two Kingdoms, One Choice

Gari Hatch, "Between the Stems" 03-24-2006 (Archival Collection)

I preached this sermon from Mark 11:1-11 on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012, at St. John's Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas. The sound quality is not good on this video. While I work to improve that, you may prefer to listen to this better audio recording when you click on the orange play button.

Here is my one page of sermon notes before I added the last two stories about Jesus descending into hell.

Below is a copy of the sermon text from Mark 11:1-11. This is the copy I used in my lectionary study group.

Below is a sermon illustration about the level of love that makes a positive impression upon God.

The story above as well as another illustration in this sermon is taken from this excellent book that I highly recommend. Click the image of the book below for more information or to purchase. If you purchase the book through this link, I will receive a small percentage of the purchase,
and you will receive a powerful and potentially life changing book.

Here are some keywords from this sermon: King Herod, Caesarea Maritima, Jerusalem, temple, Christ, Jesus, Satan, hell, universal salvation, cross, donkey, April Fool's Day, Caspas, St. Anthony, vision, spirituality, love, salvation, vision.

Thanks for your time in considering my work last week in regard to this sermon. May God bless you as  you continue to seek God's will and God's way in your life. In all things, look to the Christ within you, the hope of glory, for answers and direction.

Let us continue searching for the April Fool's Day joke in all of the absurdities of life, my friend.

Jon Burnham

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