08 May 2012

Let the Sea Roar

Let the sea roar, and all that fills it; 

          the world and those who live in it. (Psalm 98:7)

Who wouldn't want a family beach vacation this summer? I would. Wouldn't you? It would be nice to smell the musty, salty air and feel the gentle breeze of fresh ocean air. It would be nice to walk along the beach and hear the rush of mighty waves time after time.

TheBlu is  a new social screensaver. It is billed as the world's first social digital ocean to download, explore, and share.  You may download it for free here. TheBlu is the work of thousands, possibly tens of thousands of artists around the world. It is a digital representation of the sea.

The original sea was created by God. You may envision God creating the sea over millions of years through evolution or however you wish. The Bible is not so concerned with the how question as with the why question. According to the Bible, the reason God created the sea and all the life therein was to provide a place, space, and opportunity to express God's creativity and to enjoy fellowship with God's creation. 

According to the Westminster Confession, the chief purpose of humanity is to love God and enjoy God forever. We do that as humans when we create digital representations of the ocean and when we visit the sea and put our toes in the cold salt water. We humans are creative in many clever ways. We are like our Creator in our inclination toward creative expression. 

Yet is it not just the sea that is called to praise God. Everything in the sea and the world and those who live in it are called to acknowledge the glory of God. To love God and enjoy God forever. That is the chief end of humanity. How will you do that today? Perhaps you may take some lessons from the sea. Notice how it changes yet seems to remain to the same. The sea will show you how to go with the flow. It will demonstrate how to work around obstacles. It will make you wet with new life. Let's go for a swim. 

Your looking forward to the beach buddy,

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