07 July 2006

Have Joy in This Day




Anna Blake-Godbout

Have Joy in This Day

Have Joy in this Day
for we are son and daughter,
sister and brother,
mother, and grandmother, father and grandfather.
Most of all, we are a Gift …
of Courage, of Life, of Love
entwined with Determination and Faith.
Together we have walked
the rugged paths of our own cragged mountain;
and soared with eagle's wings in God's open skies.

As the dearest of friends and family
we have come to weather the storms and the sunshine
of each season that passes its winds through us.
For God gave us such blessings
in celebration of Life's wonder and its mystery
to be there for one another,
to give us a place of peacefulness,
surrounded by His cherished moments
of giving each other Love and gentle Strength
in our Prayer, in our Song and in our Living.

As we come upon
the rugged paths of our mountains
let us hold one another high with outstretched hands
in the sunshine of His golden wings,
as we listen to the music of our hearts
treasuring our memories, our hopes, our dreams.
For we will be here, always, for each other
bonded forever in our humanity …

for now time is upon us
as God has given us our moment
to Have Joy in this Day and Beyond.

© 2006 Anna Blake Godbout, My Words, My Time


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