20 April 2009

Facebook & the Ministry of Love

I resisted getting on Facebook for a long time. I knew any information I presented would end up in the hands of the CIA just as they already have a record of every credit card purchase I've ever made in my life. The same is true for you.

So what is there to worry about since I have nothing to hide? There is nothing to worry about and there is everything to worry about. If we have complete faith in the justness and righteousness of Big Brother (the state) then there is nothing to fear. Big Brother is there to protect us. That is why we have the war of terror. Since I am not a terrorist I have nothing to fear.

But what if Big Brother can legally define "terrorist" as anyone who does not agree with whichever administration is currently in power (administrations change every 4 to 8 years). What if, as GW Bush said, "Those who aren't with us are against us" - consider that to be a LEGAL statement - comes to mean that anyone who says something in disagreement with the current administration may be labeled a "terrorist" by that administration? Suddenly, something you wrote on Facebook 10 years may land you in a FEMA Camp or stateside equivalent of Abu Ghraib because it is considered politically incorrect by a future administration.

Then its, "Houston, we have a problem here." Read the prophetic book "1984" and you will see what Orwell describes as "Thought Crime" which is any thought that does not mesh with the current administration. (The term "current administration"refers to whichever party runs the White House at a particular time.)

You may want to watch this video and "count the cost' and decide if Facebook is worth it for you: http://tiny.cc/Facebook931

I am writing on Facebook for the joy that comes from connecting with old friends and meeting new friends, the sense of community, the fellowship I find here. Perhaps the same is true for you. In that sense, we are in agreement with the epistle of 1 John from the New Testament, whose author says:

"We are writing these things so that our joy may be complete." (1 John 1:4)

Facebook seems innocent enough and our motives may be pure as the driven snow but as society continues to change more and more rapidly into a scientific dictatorship good intentions may not be enough to keep us out of the Ministry of Love (Big Brother's Prison & Torture System" as described in "1984"). Jesus referred to such considerations as "Counting the cost of discipleship" before deciding to join his cause. Today may be the day to do the math and figure out if Facebook is worth it for you. As for myself, I've done the math, and I'll take my chances. I figure I'm already in their database so why not be myself and deal with the consequences?

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