25 April 2009

Total War

There is a video game called "Total War" and I used to play it in but I always wondered about the orgin of the title: "Total War." Here is some background on that term from Alan Watt at Cutting Through the Matrix:

"You just go through history and find out when the major languages really took a big change in the Middle Ages, all at the same time across Europe. Then you have little vague statements made by Bacon, Dee, guys like that at Queen Elizabeth the 1st court, talking about creating the international language of the future, to be called English. Of course, in their day, and before them, they were talking a kind of Chaucer type English, a Germanic tongue really. And how did they get new languages into vogue? Well they came out with new bibles and they also came out with guys like Shakespeare or the team, I should call it, of Shakespeare who just churned out all these plays and put them across the country and gradually, over time, that became the English language. He's credited, in mainstream dictionaries, as having pretty well given us about 180,000 words, quite fascinating; and as they were giving King James bibles out to Britain, they were also upgrading Germanic languages in Germany; and French was altered too, the French-Canadians in Canada are often hard to understand if you've been trained in what you would call regular or classical modern European French.

Things are upgraded at the same time, across the board; and watching it now, we're going into linguistic minimalism, as they bring through the culture industry the state of the language down to its barest minimum, until, really, the time will come, like George Orwell said in "1984" the dictionary will get thinner and thinner until it's just like a little pamphlet and then they'll achieve success, because there'll be no danger of terrorism anymore, because no one will be able to convey a thought to anyone else, that's how they put it. You just need to listen to the music we've had, going down and down and down, over the years, until it's just completely minimalistic slang, that's all we've got, by design, because it's a war, all-out war.

Go into the history of Britain, because they were the first ones to come out with the idea of total war, which included, for the first time, and it was taught at Sandhurst and then was spread to Germany. Germany emulated it in fact, the guy who brought it to Germany for Hitler, studied at Sandhurst College. Total war included, for the first time, every person in the population; before that, armies fought armies generally, occasional plunder, pillage and rape, now they made fair game of everyone; they're all in it together. That's how it was done; and total war means also every method possible, to eliminate your target, or at least to conquer it, from psychological warfare to, again, depopulation. Depopulation is nothing new; transporting people from one country to another is ancient, ancient, read your Persian history. They use the same techniques over and over again: disease, famine, warfare, plagues, pestilence etc. Very popular and that's where all our tax money goes into, so that the elite can do it more effectively to us, as they achieve what they see as their wonderful utopia, when all primitive types are eliminated from society, in all countries, and they have their little smart population and the elite at the top, a technocratic bunch and technologists, to serve the elite; and a few labourers that will give them no trouble whatsoever; that's it."

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