21 September 2011

Why You Should Blog

You can call me convinced. This blog will now be my venue for expressing my thoughts about life, religion, God, all such topics that are now considered politically incorrect to talk about in the public sphere. Yes, all my life I've been talking about God. But now I will blog about God. What do I mean by God? Come back often and you will find out.

This will also be my venue for posting music videos with commentary. No longer will Facebook get my best stuff. That venue is too restricting. I'm tired of providing free content for 5 white boys in California who are making billions of dollars off the creative input of millions of people such as me. Facebook will now become a mailing list. There you will find an invitation to come to my blog to watch a video and share some thoughts or feelings about it. No more posting music videos on Facebook. No more posting anything but links to my blogs with a brief summary and invitation to come and see.

Facebook is too controlling and too restrictive. It's time to carve out some space for ourselves. Feel free to use the comment option below and let the conversation begin. If no one feels like talking I'll be happy to talk to myself. That has been done before. It won't be the first time. It won't be the last time. It will just be this time. In the meantime, here's to Facebook for Dummies.

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