15 March 2006

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

Anne Rice has written a beautiful fictional account of the childhood of Jesus. Although fiction, the book is based on the gospels and on the most respected New Testament scholarship. This is a well written story that simply will teach you things you didn't know about the life and times of Jesus and paint portraits of his childhood that seem very real.

From the Kirkus Reviews on the back cover: "Essentially it's a mystery story, of the child grappling to understand his miraculous gifts and numinous birth . . . As he ponders his staggering responsibility, the boy is fully believable--and yet there's something in his supernatural empathy and blazing intelligence that conveys the wondrousness of a boy like no other. With this novel, Anne Rice has indeed found a convincing version of him; this is fiction that transcends story and instead qualifies as an act of faith."

This is good reading for Lent or any time of the liturgical year. I recommend it.

Christ the Lord : Out of Egypt

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Christ the Lord : Out of Egypt (Hardcover)
by Anne Rice

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