06 March 2012

Look at your blind spot

Blind Bartamaeus demanded Jesus have mercy on him and heal his blindness. Bystanders were embarrassed at Bartemaeus' insistence. He REALLY wanted to see so Jesus healed him. Read the story for yourself at Mark 10:46-52.

What is your blind spot? Take some time right now to ponder that question. Do you really want to change your perspective. As the Fleetwood Mac song puts it, "You'll see things in a different way." Is that REALLY what you want?

My blind spot is focusing on the negative people and perspectives in my life. I am going to repent of that by changing my perspective. I am going to turn and focus my attention on the new life God is creating all around me. No longer will I be called Blind Burnhamaues. From henceforth I shall be known simply as Jon, which in the Hebrew means "beloved of God."