04 March 2012

SERMON VIDEO: "How to Carry a Cross"

Sermon text: Mark 8:31-38
Sermon title: How to Carry a Cross

The cross is a plus sign. Notice how the beams intersect just like a plus sign. The only difference in the cross and the plus sign is that the cross is longer below than it is above the intersection. Why? Perhaps the longer below the middle section cross teaches a spiritual truth. What you now know could be considered as what you see above the arm beam of the cross. What you will know is the longer beam below the center beam. Growth occurs beneath the surface. Growth down below is something you can't see. The same principle applies in our spiritual lives as applies for a flower. The flower's growth occurs most significantly long before you ever see evidence that it is even alive. This is how spiritual growth occurs within you. You do not even notice it is happening. You may not see much evidence of the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, self control) in your life. Yet these spiritual fruits may be growing roots underneath the surface of your life.